Super Intensive Courses

Super Intensive Courses

This program puts you in class 5 hours per day - 4 hours in small group classes and 1 hour in private lessons.

This program works best when coupled with a traditional family-stay in order to maximize your Spanish immersion experience. Super Intensive study is recommended for people who want to quickly move up the learning ladder and/or who want to break a learning plateau.

Super Intensive programs are also excellent for university students and business professionals who want maximum gains in the least amount of time.

All levels, Basic through Advanced, are available in our Super Intensive format.

Methodology and Study Materials

Our objective is that you can comprehend, speak and learn in Spanish, having always a good use of grammar. You will have support material like, audios, videos, movies, songs, documentaries and cultural talks.

All the program is adapted to the needs and interests of the student, being the scheduling of activities completely flexible.

The first day of the Spanish course begins with an oral and written categorization test so we can evaluate your level.

Weekly activities of the Spanish classes

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