Learn Spanish in Peru with Aurora Andina Spanish School

Welcome to Aurora Andina Spanish School and Volunteer in Cusco, Peru! If you’re looking for a friendly and comfortable Spanish school with professional experienced teachers you’ve come to the right place. Our Spanish lessons are taught by well experienced teachers and are personalized to fit your style of learning.

Come join Aurora Andina to volunteer in Peru, learn Spanish abroad, experience homestay with a family, and enjoy tourism opportunities.

The School

Our Spanish School is located in the heart of the ancient Inkan Empire of
Cusco. Here you can enjoy a tea break from your classes on our sunny
balcony and use our free Wi-fi access.

Spanish Lessons

We work hard to ensure that you are having a positive and enriching cultural
experience while in Peru. Aurora Andina´s Spanish lessons are not only an
opportunity to learn grammar but also to apply conversational Spanish lessons
in a cultural context.


Aurora Andina is flexible and willing to accommodate your needs. If for
example, you are vegetarian, you´re homestay will make adjustments.
If you have a trip planned to the jungle and need to arrange different class
hours, we will find a way that works for everyone.

Spanish Programs

Spanish courses

Our Spanish lessons allow you to have a deeper cultural experience by learning Spanish in context. The teachers are professional, with lots of experience, and will ensure that your lessons are personalized to fit your style of learning. We offer different schedules and class arrangements depending on your preference: individual, semi-individual, or group lessons are available.

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Volunteer Work

Volunteer Work

We work with programs in many different areas depending on your area of experience and interest. These areas include education (preschool, primary, secondary), health, environmental, animals, community, sports, less fortunate and abused children, orphans and adolescent´s shelter. Come share and learn to make a difference through volunteer work in Peru.

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Family homestay is a great way to integrate into Cusquenian culture and practice your language skills. Our families are responsible and maintain a healthy environment while you live in Peru. Our past volunteers and students say they felt at home and that they really enjoyed their family homestay experience…not to mention, all the home-cooked meals!

Experience life with a Cusquenian family!

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Aurora Andina is dedicated to teaching Spanish to non-native speakers since 2005

We offer flexible programs to help you learn spanish language!

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Why Aurora Andina?

  • Excellent educational achievement
  • Central location in Cusco, Peru.
  • Comfortable classrooms
  • Beautiful view of the city
  • Friendly teachers and staff
  • Economic cost for teaching and stay
  •  Multiple Cultural activities
  • Continual student support
  • Tourism trips
  • Our students recommend us to their friends

What our Students Say

As I arrived on the plane I was wondering what I would encounter when I arrived as I’d only been in contact via email, so when I saw María J and Desley I was totally relieved and happy to see such friendly and helpful faces. Thank you for organizing the homestay, which was incredibly comfortable, open-hearted and helpful! And thank you for making my arrival in Peru a ‘soft landing’. I now feel ready to travel and hope to be able to communicate after my lessons. Gracias
Carolyn, England
I spent four weeks in Cusco, studying Spanish in the morning and volunteering in the afternoon. I feel fulfilled after the 4 weeks programme, not only I improved my Spanish, but also working with the kids really gave me a whole different view of the culture as well as myself. I went to Machu Picchu on the weekend with a very good travel agency that was recommended by the school. Overall, I had a great time in Cusco, and I will definitely go back to Cusco again.!
Anita G., Taiwan
Thanks a lot for everything. The school was great I really appreciate that I was able to design the type of classes that I wanted for myself, namely speaking and conversing, was very easy going and was also very helpful with my learning.
As far as the orphanage I enjoyed my time working with kids, although I do wish that I had spent a bit more time helping with homework and teaching instead of only playing. Nevertheless I enjoyed my time here. I hope to return to Cusco next year.
Jake K., USA